Kid bullied for his teeth problem, now has a new smile.

Not all of us are born the same. Some of us are born with problems that take medical intervention in order to be fixed. For example, I am born with a slightly deformed rib which comes out of my abdominals and makes me look weird. It is something that I took from my mother, since she has it too and my younger uncle, her brother, has the same problem. But this deformation has never affected us because it is small and it is only noticed in the summer when I am topless.


But how about Evan Hill from Australia who was born with a really huge overbite. He was only 12 and he was getting bullied so much just because of his teeth. Bullies, in general, don’t care about how you feel, as long as they can spot a defect or difference in you, they will try their best to make you feel horrible. It is like my wife said the other day, their happiness is making other people sad. But the bullying didn’t last long for Evan. His parents went on television and asked for help and then they created a fundraiser.

Evan’s condition was a special one that needed a total of $12,000 treatment.

They got $100,000 in total from the fundraiser and they used the money to fix Evan’s teeth. The dentist said that Evan’s case was one of the worst that he had ever seen. After all the procedures were done, Evan got a new and normal smile. If it wasn’t for the people he would not be able to fully close his mouth and he would barely talk. His parents used some of the money to also get a new car since the old one got wrecked during an earthquake. They gave the rest for charity.