Reserved Orphaned Elephant Builds A Special Bond With Playful Labrador

This story is about the special bond of a 32-year-old African elephant and a 3-year-old Labrador. They look like a giant and a tiny but two odd friends can’t be happier to stay together. Friendship has no barrier. It blossoms naturally when we find love, comfort, and trust in each other.

Bubbles (name of the elephant) and Bella (name of the dog) are currently in Myrtle Beach Safari, part of a wildlife conservation effort called The Rare Species Fund, Southern California. They love spending time a game of catch in the water of the reserve.

Bella finds out the highest and safest seat in this world for him: on the back of his friend. He ditches a ride on his huge friend’s back every time they swim in the water. They had tons of fun and laugh together, making their days more meaningful and colorful.

Bubble the elephant is an orphan. She was flown in from Africa when she was a child after her parents had been killed for their tusks. She once struggled to make friends until she met Bella. She finds a true friend that can help her get out of her zone.

Now, Bubble is cheerful. She weighs around 4 tons and is over 9ft tall. She loves playing catch with labrador her best friend. She also enjoys romp around Bella.

The unusual yet heartwarming friendship of the elephant and the labrador went viral when it was shared on the Internet. It’s pure and beautiful.



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