Dad stands his ground when parents criticize him for leashing his 5 kids

Parenting is never easy, and the name of our website reflects this. That’s a salute to all the parents who have kept (and continue to keep) it together over the years.

Aside from that, no book or guide could teach us how to be great parents. It will be a combination of trial and error and creative problem-solving. Self-help books may provide a new perspective and some possibilities, but never the exact answer.

As a result, every one of us has a unique parenting style. We make do with what we have and can use in dealing with our children. However, a society puts everything in a box and labels things as “poor parenting” when they see anything that is not ideal for them.

And this is what happened to these viral parents.

Is there a viral video of terrible parenting?

Netizens chastised a couple when Jordan Driskell, the father, aired a video in which he stated that they keep their children on a leash whenever they go out. The couple has five children, all restrained by a leash.

The video was over a year old but became viral and gained more attention online. Jordan’s actions were quickly judged. Most people agree that children should not be leashed because they are not dogs. Others even commented that they shouldn’t have had so many children if they couldn’t handle five.

Putting oneself in Driskells’ shoes

Jordan shared another video on Instagram, captioning it, “come, walk a mile in my shoes.” There was another side to that tale that no one knew about, and he realized it was critical to answer all of the hate comments.

His wife Brianna gave birth to quintuplets, which explains why they have so many kids with them when they go out. It can be quite distressing to be around children of that age.

“We use a leash for our peace of mind and sanity. It also allows us to get out of the house and do fun things as a family without feeling overwhelmed,” Jordan explained.

He stated that his children enjoy exploring their environment because they are curious. He and his wife had tried carrying strollers, but they were too cumbersome and difficult to maneuver in large crowds. The leash allowed them to control their youngsters while they walked around and squeezed into the crowd.

Problem-solving Creativity

According to Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a parenting and youth development expert, what the Driskells did might be called innovative problem-solving. They should not be interpreted as treating children like animals.

She added that it seemed like the couple had a unique problem of having five active kids out on a trip, and the leash was the best possible solution to taking them out while still controlling their kids. The alternative was to stay at home.

However, there should be a limit to how long the leash can be used. The parents would have to think of other ways of being in control by the time their kids reach eight years old.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is okay to use a child leash?