Grandma ‘keeps falling out of wheelchair’, so daughter installs camera

Mannie Graham’s life in the nursing home was supposed to be peaceful and surrounded with love and care. This 98-year-old lady was admitted to the nursing home with promises that she will miss nothing and she will be under constant care and support. It turned out those promises were not quite true.

One day Mannie started complaining to her family that the staff is mistreating her. She added that the staff’s behaviour is bad, particularly the nurse that was assigned to take care of Mannie. These claims were not taken too seriously by the family at that moment. However, very soon other signs made them think twice.

data-reader-unique-id=”44″>Very soon the family witnessed something very shocking. The bruises on Mannie’s body and the black eyes made them quite worried. Mannie’s daughter and granddaughters wanted some answers about these horrible things.

The staff told the family that Mannie fell from the wheelchair and got the bruises. They told the family that that was nothing to worry about. But, the family did not think like that.

The granddaughters wanted to find out what’s going on. Therefore, they decided to put a camera in Mannie’s room. The camera was hidden in a clock. After some time, the family saw something horrible. They couldn’t believe their eyes!

See what happened by playing the video below!