Andie MacDowell responds to criticisms that gray hair makes her look old

Even as they get older, Hollywood celebrities frequently endure pressure to maintain their youthful looks. We frequently read about celebrities who have cosmetic operations to delay the effects of aging.

The pressure is particularly great for women, yet an increasing number of female superstars are embracing their genuine selves, allowing themselves to age naturally, and defying expectations of beauty.

Actress Andie MacDowell recently allowed her hair to become gray, and she doesn’t give a damn what people think.

For her parts in movies like Sex, Lies, and the Videotape, Groundhog Day, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, 64-year-old MacDowell is well-known. While many actors colour their hair as they age, MacDowell has just come to terms with her gray hair.

Although many individuals are afraid of growing their first gray hair, MacDowell claimed she was thrilled to finally achieve the mature appearance and that she had anticipated it when she was younger.

“I thought that the idea of a kind of salt and pepper would suit me,” she said in a recent interview with Katie Couric. “I thought it would look good on my face. And when it started growing out during COVID I saw I was right…It looks good on me.”

“As it was growing out, my eyes popped, the color of them looked a little different. I liked the way my skin looked better,” MacDowell added. “And there was a feeling, it empowered me more. I felt more powerful and I felt more genuine and I felt more myself.”

“My hair started going silver during COVID, and my daughters were staying next door to me … so they saw me all the time and they would say to me, ‘You look badass and you’ve got to keep this,’” she said in a previous interview with NPR. “I have to say, I’ve never felt more beautiful. I’m not saying that everybody has to go do this … but it suits me.”

The actress said she has gotten comments about her gray hair making her “look older,” but she said she’s happy to look her actual age.

“What do you think I look 75 just because I let my hair go gray?” MacDowell said in response to the criticisms. “I don’t care. I want to be old. I’m tired of trying to be young. I don’t want to be young. I’ve been young.”

The actress has previously spoken out against the unfair beauty standards actresses are held to as the get older. She told NPR that when she turned 40, an interviewer asked how it felt to get older and “lose her beauty.”

“I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I told her I really don’t feel like I’m losing my beauty, it’s just a different kind of beauty… We evolve and we age, and this is part of the process… Aging is not about losing your beauty.”

“I think aging is something that you either have to decide that you like it or you don’t. It’s a choice,” she said in the NPR interview. “I like that people are comfortable with me getting older. I think that’s an important message for all of us that we get older and we are beautiful.”

Andie MacDowell has gorgeous gray hair, in our opinion! I appreciate you telling ladies it’s alright to accept aging.

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