Michael J. Fox said of his Parkinson’s disease issues, “I won’t be 80.”

Michael J. Fox, 61, best known for playing Marty McFly in the iconic film “Back to the Future,” spoke out about his continuous struggle with Parkinson’s disease, a condition he first identified with at 29.

Fox revealed his struggles while retaining an unyielding sense of hope in an honest interview with CBS Sunday Morning, referring to the disease’s unrelenting growth as a “gift that keeps on taking.”

The multi-talented actor learned of his diagnosis a year after the last film’s release in the cherished “Back to the Future” trilogy, ushering in the start of a brutal battle against Parkinson’s disease.

In the poignant interview, Fox, a devoted activist, and former Hollywood celebrity, expressed his feelings, saying, “Having Parkinson’s stinks… Every passing day presents new struggles, but it’s the reality we must face.”

Parkinson’s disease causes damage to numerous brain areas progressively over time, leading to tremors, bradykinesia (slow movement), muscular stiffness, and other recognizable symptoms.

In addition to having a benign tumor on his spine, Fox was open about having had several injuries from falls, including fractures to his face and other body parts. He highlighted, “You don’t die from Parkinson’s, you die with it…,” despite the difficulties.

It wears you down in subtle ways that are difficult to notice. I don’t think I’ll live to reach 80.”

Fox acknowledged his thanks for having a unique combination of abilities that allowed him to handle the hurdles while also recognizing the enormous problems encountered by both himself and other people fighting cancer.

He firmly thinks that thankfulness and optimism are two traits that can be developed together, saying that “finding something to be thankful for gives you a sense of anticipation and empowers you to forge ahead.”

Fox started the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in 2000, which was a great act of commitment. Over $1.75 billion has been successfully collected via this philanthropy campaign to support vital research projects.

A recent pioneering research that discovered a potential biomarker for Parkinson’s disease was made possible thanks to the foundation’s sponsorship. This finding, announced in April, has been hailed as a game-changer by Fox, who exclaimed passionately, “This changes everything.

We now know where we are going. We can detect vulnerabilities and create efficient remedies within the next five years.

Fox finds comfort in the loyal support of his wife, Tracy Pollan, and their four children as he navigates his path. The adored actor announced his retirement in 2020, saying goodbye to an accomplished career.

His dedicated efforts, meanwhile, have not gone unappreciated. At the Governors Awards in November, Fox received the esteemed Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, a coveted distinction honoring outstanding charitable achievements.

He has also agreed to serve as the producer of a forthcoming documentary on Apple TV+, further emphasizing his steadfast dedication to promoting awareness of Parkinson’s disease.

The unwavering spirit of Michael J. Fox still shines brilliantly, blazing the way for people living with innumerable Parkinson’s diseases. His everlasting impact is a testament that the human spirit can overcome hardship despite our difficulties, creating a lasting impression on the film industry and beyond.

Michael J. Fox was a real example of resiliency and continues to represent unflinching resolve, motivating us all to grasp every opportunity with unyielding zeal, much like the legendary role he played on the big screen.