Happy couple with twins gets pregnant again, but as soon doctor shows sonogram husband faints

Nia Tolbert was overjoyed to learn that she was expecting her third child. She and her husband Robert already had twin boys Riley and Alexander, who was two, and Shai, who was six.

On her third pregnancy, Nia had different emotions. She felt more emotional and gained weight more quickly, but she just attributed these differences to her body knowing what to do this time.She didn’t find out she was pregnant with twins until she went in for her ultrasound and was asked about her family’s history of multiple births.

The doctor then decided to perform one more scan before telling her some information she needed to leave her husband a note about and take a trip for.

Robert fainted as soon as he viewed the scan, so Nia was correct to be wary.

Nia remembered the nurse’s announcement that she was expecting triplets.

“She said, ‘Actually, there are three babies,’” Tolbert said. “And I said, ‘Can you make sure there’s not four?’” she said, according to Today.com.

It’s unusual to become pregnant naturally with triplets, especially when the mother has already given birth to twins.

Nia, 28, would learn that she hyperovulates, which means that during ovulation, her body releases more than one egg at a time.

The delighted mother decided to leave her husband a message before leaving on a pre-arranged vacation to see a friend in Florida because she was concerned that if she told her husband, he would not come home.

Nia left her husband a handwritten card which said: “Please accept this gift from me and God.”

“I opened the bag and I saw a very, very long sonogram,” Robert said. “Then I saw three onesies in the bag … and they were numbered 1, 2, and 3.”

“I passed out,” Robert said. “I blinked a couple of times and thought, ‘Whoa, this is real life.’”

At a gender reveal party the couple found out that they were having three girls! They have since recovered from the shock and are getting ready to welcome their girls into the world.

“We’re already planning for our new household. It’s going to be equally balanced now — with three little girls and three little boys,” Nia said.

Love is the glue that holds our family together, the oil that eases conflict, and the melody that promotes harmony.This will be a very happy and lovely home because Nia and Robert both seem to be so full of love for their kids.

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