Mom Changes Will after Learning Her Son Cheated On His Wife: ‘She Wants to Reward Those Who Deserve It’

Amelie, a 26-year-old lady, told the painful tale of how her family was shattered by her husband’s adultery.

She learned that Bethany, a woman who was also his co-worker, and her husband were having an illicit relationship. At the time of the affair, Amelie was expecting their second child, but she also learned that Bethany was carrying a kid.

She suffered the effects of the circumstance and miscarried, while her husband’s mistress gave birth to a boy.

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After some time, the 29-year-old decided to move in with Bethany, and Amelie has had to watch her kid for the past two years develop without his father. Fortunately, she and her child have a wonderful support system in her mother-in-law and her parents.

Mother-in-Law Takes Revenge

Amelie has a close relationship with her ex-husband’s family; in fact, her mother-in-law cut her son completely off as a result of what he did.

Ironically, Bethany wants her child to establish a bond with his grandparents and dislikes how much Amelie is favoured.

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While Amelie’s son has been missing out on time with his father, Bethany’s child does not have a relationship with her partner’s parents.

Unfortunately, Amelie’s mother-in-law began to deteriorate and made the unfortunate decision to amend her will in order to deny Amelie’s husband and his affair child any inheritance since she was upset with her son, who is an only child. Amelie reported:

“She wants to reward those who deserve it and get revenge in one go.”

Therefore, the mother-in-law decided to remove her son as the sole inheritor. “… Now, my son will inherit her house, villa, and money. I will receive a large portion of her money and all of her belongings. Until my son turns 18, it will be in my trust,” explained Amelie.

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Amelie disclosed that only she was aware of the modifications to her mother-in-law’s will when she reported the incident on Reddit and that she had been instructed not to disclose them. The son was still convinced that he would receive his mother’s estate.

Amelie claimed that her ex-husband begged for forgiveness and that his partner was much friendlier and more respectful to her and her mother-in-law because his mother was bedridden.

Bethany was rumoured to have treated her partner’s mother horribly in the past. However, her illness has provided them with a glimpse of a future in which they would inherit everything and her boy will be acknowledged as a grandchild.

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Additionally, Bethany began making plans for remodelling the mother-in-law’s home. She was more eager to delete every image of Amelie’s son. She was unaware that it would be Amelie’s son’s home and that no changes would be made to the property until he became 18 years old.

Amelie revealed that her mother-in-law detested her son and Bethany since her own mother had been a cheating victim. She watched as her father put his affair children before her. So it was upsetting and infuriating to see her kid do the same.

Amelie presented an update and addressed some of the criticisms she had received after telling the tale. She was initially astonished by the amount of attention her story had garnered.

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Some commentators who were upset with her for not requesting that her mother-in-law include her ex-husband’s son in the will spoke up in her defence. Although she made it clear that she had no control over how the funds were used, Amelie nonetheless acknowledged, “Yes, I’m happy, and that’s selfish, but I’m going to put myself and my son first.”

Despite her sympathy for the boy, she said that her mother-in-law related the affair to a traumatic event from her youth and wished for her grandson to understand that he was loved despite his father’s conduct.

Amelie expanded on the narrative by disclosing a few of the cruel things Bethany had done to her. She threatened to send her and her family insulting messages.

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For her baby shower, Bethany used Amelie’s miscarriage to hurt her. “She sent a letter full of the nastiest things about me, my son, and my miscarried baby,” revealed Amelie.

It was therefore best for her to disregard Bethany and her son. She even opposed their sons spending their childhoods together because of the suffering she caused them. Amelie wished her mother-in-law would improve despite everything.