Jane Fonda Announces The Terrible News No One Wanted To Hear

Jane Fonda, an actress, former model, and climate activist, revealed she had been diagnosed with cancer. The 84-year-old Oscar winner told her Instagram followers that she began cancer treatments six months ago and is doing well.

“So, my dear friends, I’d want to share something personal with you.” “My non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments have begun,” the Grace and Frankie star stated on Instagram. “This is a reasonably manageable illness,” she explained, “so I consider myself extremely fortunate.”

She went on to thank God for her “blessed” situation, saying she is privileged to have access to the best medical specialists and therapies. “Due to my health, I have access to the best specialists and therapies.”

Non-lymphoma According to the Mayo Clinic, Hodgkin’s disease is a type of cancer that begins in the lymphatic system, which is a component of the body’s immune system that fights infection. In non-Hodgkin lymphoma, white blood cells called lymphocytes multiply abnormally and can form growths (tumors) throughout the body.

Fonda’s friends and other celebrities showed their love and support for her on social media.

Debra Messing wrote, “Sending you healing energy, love, and strength.”

Alyssa Milano tweeted, “Wishing you more love and strength than you can take.” ” Please contact me if you have any questions.” Always available. Always.”

“We adore you, Jane,” Diane Keaton said in a letter to her. “You’re a hero to me.” You’re a warrior. I’ve always been impressed by what you’ve accomplished.