2 year old Luna finally gets her “Batman birthmark” removed after a surgery

Every baby is special and unique. No matter what form they come to the world with, no matter the complexion or features, they will always be cute and that’s what makes them unique.

Luna Tavares-Fenner came to the world with a unique feature that leaves heads turning each time she’s seen. Her appearance from the point of delivery has always fascinated people and gave rise to people calling her the baby with the “Batman birthmark”.

She seems to be getting a lot of attention because of the mark and had to undergo surgery to remove it. I can’t say she looks any better, all I can say is she looks so stunning than ever.

The dark patches covered a large portion of her face leaving a shape like Batman’s mask. “I’m used to it now, but then I was just shocked,” Carol told WPLG in 2019. At first, she was shocked about it because the ultrasound wasn’t indifferent. She always thought she was going to have a normal baby and was concerned about why her daughter was born differently.

The doctors were having a hard time finding out what the dark patches were until 4 days after Luna was born.

Later we aim to make sure Luna will not have any complexes when she comes to the age where she is concerned about her appearance,” Dr. Popov explains. Everyone is happy that everything is going right and Luna seems to be stronger than she looks, amidst all that she has been through, she still has a smile on her face.

“I don’t regret at all having the treatment here. Luna doesn’t feel the pain. She dances a few hours after the surgery,” Carol says, according to The Daily Mail. Looking at the recent pictures of Luna she looks so happy and brave. We wish her all the best.

We will find out below how she heals. Thanks