20 Times Kids Get Caught In Weird And Hilarious Situations

People, at some point in life, will start a family. Of course, getting married and having kids are two separate matters. Some may get married but choose to live a DINK lifestyle, Dual Income, No Kids. Many say that choice of life may be good for the moment. But, when they get older, they will have no one to take care of them. Having kids so that they will take care of you when you get old seems to be the mindset of many people. However, are you sure that you can successfully raise a kid if you have one?

Down below, we have collected some pictures to show you. Take a look at them, and if you’ve not yet had a baby, you may never want to have one, ever. The kids in the pictures below got caught in all sorts of weird and hilarious situations. We’re sure that their parents will have a hard time cleaning up after them. Now, prepare yourself and scroll down to see what these little monsters can do.

#1 How to look impressive in a group pic

#2 Wait for it

#3 Rate this service 10/10

#4 Not so right…



#5 Spider kid

#6 This karate bunny looks fine



#7 Eat well, buddy. And me too

#8 Now, let this man do his job

#9 You know who the real monster is

#10 Mommy do that too!!

#11 She looks like she really enjoys it

#12 Say something about the afterlife and reincarnation

#13 Those are clean ones, right?

#14 Why did you do that?

#15 This boy is gonna grow up to be a good man, let’s hope

#16 My skin is gonna be sooo smooth

#17 There you go

#18 They have been hiding this from us all the time

#19 Eww no. Stop it!

#20 Some simply shouldn’t be parents