This woman finds a cardboard box on the side of the road.

This woman finds a cardboard box on the side of the road. When she opened it, she was shocked. Here’s what she found inside:

A passerby noticed an abandoned cardboard box on the side of a road. The medium-sized box had duct tape glued on all sides, but it had holes at the top. Hearing the cries of several puppies roaming inside the box, it was clear that someone had abandoned some unwanted souls in that place.

As the number of chicks seemed to be quite large, the passer-by called the Diasozo Animal Rescue organization for help. A volunteer rushed to the scene. The woman patiently armed herself and began to piece by piece remove the tape that sealed the box. When he finally saw the puppy, her heart broke.

The rescuer was stunned when she found 9 sick puppies, crammed into that small space. The little ones were quite scared and continued to cry in despair. Their cowardly master not only separated them from their mother but left them to starve to death.

The puppies were too weak to run or escape. The rescuer picked up the box and placed it safely in her car. The priority was to take the puppies to the shelter to feed them. Out of the way of the hungry, the little ones devoured a whole bag of food.

With full bellies, the puppies recovered and became curious about the environment. The little pack wanted to see its saving angel and tried insistently to overwhelm him with love and offer him endless kisses!

These little ones are about a month old and have a long way to go before they fully recover, but at least now they are in good hands.

These puppies were very lucky to be discovered and saved in time. It is sad that people abandon poor animals instead of handing them over to a shelter. We wish these adorable puppies a happy life and we hope that they will all end up in great homes and in the care of people who will appreciate and love them as they deserve!

Click on the video below to watch saving the puppies: