‘Every time I post my baby boy’s photo online, people beg me to stop’

The horrifying remarks pour in at all hours of the day, pleading with Natasha to stop publishing images of her one-year-old baby on social media.


But, no matter what, she pays no attention and continues to publish images of Raedyn.

The American mother of two said on TikTok that he will not give up. Simply because he looks different doesn’t mean he’s any less. He’s amazing.

@risewithraedyn I will NOT stop 😊 #stopbullying #spreadawareness #educateyourself #craniofacialdifference #acceptance #inclusion #pfieffersyndrome #differentisbeautiful #morealikethandifferent #craniofacialawareness ♬ all the things she said slowed – xxtristanxo

Raedyn was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, an unusual and extremely rare genetic condition that causes skull, facial, and limb deformities.

That won’t discourage Natasha from posting pictures of her adorable kid on social media.

Sadly, these posts drew vicious responses from individuals around the globe.


Someone harshly remarked on TikTok, “What quality of life will he have?” while another added, “Why would you make him live like that?” You’re allowing him to live such a wretched existence.”

Natasha suffers harsh responses from people every time she brings Raedyn out in person, in addition to these unkind words online.

“People come up to me and say, ‘What’s wrong with your child?’” “Or why does your child look like that?”…not that’s how you talk to a human being,” she explained.


Natasha went on to remark that she doesn’t comprehend why individuals feel the need to criticise her son because of his appearance.

She said that he spends his life like any other youngster. Yes he does look different, but that doesn’t diminish him. He deserves life, he deserves respect, and she will fight for that until the day she die.

She chastised individuals who confront her son aggressively in public, saying she doesn’t know why they believe it’s okay to confront her about Raedyn’s illness while she’s just conducting errands.

She correctly noted that individuals need to understand that she is simply a mother, and her kid is just a newborn. Their lives aren’t centred on his condition.


Her son looks a little different, but that doesn’t mean he’s just here to teach the world. It’s psychologically and emotionally draining to keep repeating the same diagnosis and explaining her son’s health concerns to different individuals.

They’re simply a regular family. She hope that one day the world will embrace handicapped individuals and not criticise them based on their looks or the things they are unable to perform.

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