A guy chooses to build a tiny cottage for a homeless woman camping outside his house.

When Elvis Summers came across Irene “Smokie” McGee sleeping on a patch of ground outside his Los Angeles home, he was incredibly moved by her determination to help.

Summers used his carpentry talents to build a small-scale residence for McGee after becoming increasingly aware of the growing trend of people building tiny houses. After learning that she lacked even the most basic shelter, such as a tarp or a box, Summers was moved to act.

Homelessness is not limited to Los Angeles or any other large city in America; it is a serious national issue, with thousands of people living on the streets daily.

People who don’t have suitable housing often end up in terrible situations, and many of them may only be able to get better with the help of others.

Elvis Summers’s small but significant act of kindness gave a homeless woman a place to stay and a chance to feel hopeful. However, her story is all too familiar across much of the country.

When Dave Summers met Maggie McGee, he was unaware of her homelessness. Dave realized Maggie didn’t even have a cardboard box to hide from the elements after communicating with her for three weeks.

Dave got to work and bought $500 worth of supplies at the local hardware store. He was determined to help this woman in need.

He then set about building Maggie a little house that would be secure, allowing her to keep her stuff out of sight while also being easily transportable.

David finished his project in 2015 after several days of hard work and dedication, and he filmed the entire process on video.

After finishing the little house, he published this film on YouTube to raise awareness of homelessness and urge viewers to help individuals in their neighborhood who may need it the most.

His video has now achieved over seven million views, allowing him to establish the ‘Small Home Big Purpose’ fundraising initiative.

The success of this effort feeds Dave’s drive to help people in his community without protection or necessities.

In addition to giving financial support for McGee’s living conditions, he is investigating other methods to improve life for individuals less fortunate than himself, such as providing school possibilities or career options.

This unique story shows how much one person can do when they care about others and want to help them.

One day, Summers was out running errands when he encountered a strange scene. A sixty-year-old woman had been forced to take refuge in the ground, just next to a house where many could enjoy all of life’s amenities.

Hot showers, toilets, cool drinks made from pure water, and access to power, television, and other contemporary conveniences are all too common.

Summers was affected by the woman’s predicament and drove immediately to the hardware store to provide her with a warm and safe place to sleep at night.

He thought it was more important for her to have a comfortable place to stay than for him to pay any outstanding electrical bills, which he knew he could pay later.

When a local church noticed his efforts, they generously gave room in their parking lot for these ‘Little Houses’ to stay safe overnight.

The church also promised to help people in need by providing food, bathing, and clothing as part of its humanitarian goal to help those in need get back on their feet.

After the video’s international success, John Summers’ mission shifted.

He stated that, as a result of the fantastic response he has received from all over the world, he is now committed to helping as many people as possible, despite his initial goal of assisting only a few people.

Hearing the story of such a selfless guy is motivating, and it’s worth contemplating how we may follow in his footsteps to contribute to our communities.

We may make a difference by volunteering at charities or donating money or commodities to organizations that assist those in need.

Furthermore, we might raise awareness and initiate discussions about poverty and injustice. By doing so, we may launch more programs and projects to bring about long-term change for disadvantaged communities.