Man Creates His Dream Home And Upsets Neighbors After Painting It Pepto-Bismol Pink

This man has had a strange event with his neighbors and the reason is the painting of the house. Everyone knows how difficult it is to live with neighbors who quarrel and annoy you. Sometimes many neighbors do not like the actions of other neighbors and for this reason they make their lives even more difficult.

This man from Austin,Texas, was attacked by his neighbor for a very weak reason. The man decided to paint his house bright Pepto-Bismol pink, and apparently, the neighbors weren’t happy about it. Everyone knows that many houses in SHVA are becoming part of the Association of Home Owners and through this association, they have the opportunity to maintain the stability and safety of their home.

In addition, residents of different neighborhoods pay money to live peacefully in the community. But in this neighborhood of Texas, Emilio Rodriguez bought his house. He had always dreamed that his house was pink and this time he decided to make his dream come true.

He was convinced that he loved this house. However, many people, according to him, do not like his house. First, Emilio bought the house in beige color and then decided to turn it into his favorite color, Pepto-Bismol pink. This color makes him happier. But the neighbors did not like his decision at all.

Emilio has had many problems during his life and recently he has many health problems. He says that the color of his house makes him feel good.