Giant service dog gives all for little girl with rare disorder so family thanks him with ‘best day ever’

Behold Bella. She is a typical 11-year-old girl with Morquio syndrome, which is a rare diagnosis. In essence, Bella’s illness implies that she is losing her mobility over time and that there is no way for her to regain it.

Her family received a detailed description of what will occur a few years ago: Eventually, their daughter won’t be able to move about on her own.

The family, though, steadfastly clung to hope.

George entered the scene at that point. and Bella’s life was permanently altered.

Bella and George have a special bond. He is her service dog, and by assisting her in walking, he allows her to travel everywhere she wants. A harness with the words “service dog” and “do not pet” is fastened on his back.

George has transformed into something of a hero for Bella as a result of his responsibilities; the two are practically inseparable.

Since it is already so late, a quick post. Bella attended school for only half a day before leaving to play at the home of her buddy Hunter. Because he gets to nap on the couch while Bella plays, George loves going over there.

Then, tonight, we went to the cinema with some friends and, you guessed it, watched Star Wars Rogue One once more. This time in 3D at the IMAX. The 3D version was quite impressive. Then, after getting some ice cream, we went home and went to bed. A fun-filled day. Bella and George are now traveling.

One day, Bella made the decision that it was time to give her loyal friend a break. Because he gave her so much, she wanted to repay him.

Bella’s family contacted BarkPost, a well-known website that hosts events referred to as “Dog’s Best Days.” After hearing Bella’s tale, the gang proposed to make George’s day the “best day” ever.

For the two of them to do together, Bella had many enjoyable activities planned. She wanted to convey how much she appreciated everything George did, so they shared a burger and played in the snow together, like George enjoys doing.

Bella no longer needs a wheelchair to get around thanks to George. She adores the independence this provides her, and she has made a new closest friend in George.

You can watch the video from George’s “Dog’s Best Day” down below.

As Bella describes in her own words: “George is joyful and he’s always happy, and he’s always there to cheer you up. He is my best friend.”

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