Mom gives births to precious triplets after having twins

Given the amount of effort it takes to raise a child, I have a hard time imagining how the parents of twins manage. I mean, it must be just plain exhausting.

What about parenting twins AND triplets? I find that to be nothing short of astounding. However, that is exactly what mother Michella Meier-Morsi and her husband plan to do in the years to come.

Their family is astonishing evidence that anything is possible with enough love and determination.

Michella and her husband Mark welcomed stunning twin twins back in 2018. Naturally, the Danish couple was overjoyed and eager to begin a new, exciting chapter in their lives. In October 2017, following just over a year of IVF treatment, Michella became pregnant.

”When we got the news that we were expecting twins, I was extremely happy, and at the same time, paralyzed by fear.⁣ I was simply so scared of losing them. I read statistics, horrible posts on twin groups about respirators and losses, and I refused to buy anything for the girls,” Michella wrote on her Instagram page in 2020.

The girls were delivered via c-section at 37 weeks. Just before Christmas in 2018, the family returned home after six days in the hospital.

As most people are probably aware, carrying twins can be very physically demanding; Michella has firsthand knowledge of this.

”I was massive, hurting so bad and almost couldn’t walk because of how swollen my body was,” she said in one of her posts.

People from all over the world could track Filippa and Ophelia’s progress via their mother’s Instagram account.

”My pregnancy was awful and my body is carrying around permanent evidence of it. Filippa and Ophelia, on the other hand, have been absolutely fantastic, and we have made the finest family rhythm with them💕,” Michella writes.

However, not all has been happiness and laughter since Michella gave birth to the twins; her body suffered greatly throughout the pregnancy.

She was diagnosed with diastasis recti, or a gap of at least 2.7 cm between the two sides of the rectus abdominis muscle, after giving birth.

”Normally the abdominal muscles heal by themselves after the pregnancy, but in my case, after pregnancy with two big girls, it will not happen without surgery,” Michella commented.

Michella has been candid about her physique modifications on her Instagram. She has shared images of her growing tummy and written several frank blogs about how she is feeling and what she is thinking.

Michella is an important voice since there is much too little discussion of the changes that can occasionally take place after motherhood. Since they believe they are alone, many women suffer in silence as a result.

Others are embarrassed to display their body.After having the twins, Michella and Mark considered their family-building days to be over. Although it was far from guaranteed that it would be successful, they began another reproductive procedure.

They didn’t want to raise their hopes up too high because just 12–15% of women ended themselves pregnant. As a result, Michella had no idea what to expect when she had an ultrasound in 2021.

She had been experiencing a strange pain in her body before to the doctor’s consultation. Michella believed that she had either miscarried or was once more expecting twins.

However, it later became clear that she was actually expecting three babies, not just one or two.Mark and Michella received the biggest shock of their lives, it needs to be said.

For the newspaper Expressen, Michella provided a detailed account of the event:

”When the midwife moves the scanner, we see a third black box. It’s like everything stops. We hear a third heartbeat. It’s getting completely quiet in that room, and I’m starting to cry. I can’t stop shaking and crying” she explained.

Michella and Mark were undoubtedly overwhelmed, but they were excited to add three more members to their family. They were also regularly informed of the dangers associated with these pregnancies.

It was frequently brought out how poor the odds were for all triplets to survive. The prospect of removing one of the fetuses was also discussed with the couple.

This courageous mother was determined to carry the child to term despite going through a lot of pain.Her massive pregnancy belly became even bigger; it even went blue and was bruised. A few days before giving birth, Michella posted the following candid statements to her Instagram account:

”I seriously do not feel ready for three babies,” she wrote. I naively thought that I would get ready at some point – that I would feel a joy that the pregnancy is coming to an end and that we should finally meet our trio.⁣ But if it were not for the extreme pain, the triplets would have to stay in the stomach for a month or three more. It all just feels so overwhelming.”

Fortunately, things would work out even better than she could have anticipated. Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel were born as triplet boys on January 15, when Michella was little over 35 weeks pregnant.

Michella considered the fact that her babies survived for 35 weeks in her womb to be an accomplishment in and of itself. She was relieved and incredibly pleased when her lovely boys finally entered the world after the “wildest 36 hours” of her life.

And what’s most crucial of all? The newborns were in good health and are developing normally. Prior to Michella and Mark being able to take the triplets home, they were required to stay at the hospital for 14 days for checkups.

These beautiful boys, who are now a few months old, keep their parents very busy. It’s a blessing that Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel have two sisters who are so proud of them, but things are not easy for them now.

Michella asserts that her husband and she hardly ever get more than four hours of sleep each night and that she still has stomach pain. As one might anticipate, it’s really challenging to raise five children in such a scenario.

”It is indescribably hard to have two three-year-olds and three premature babies.⁣ Much harder than I had imagined. [My daughters] are angry, defiant, enormously bored, and simply unruly and rude.⁣They miss us and definitely feel let down to some degree. And it’s completely understandable,” she writes on her Instagram.

Sadly, it does not appear that Michella’s body will recover totally from her two difficult pregnancies. She’ll have to spend a lot of time in the hospital moving forward as a result.

”It is quite depressing, in Denmark we don’t focus so much on women’s health after childbirth. Honestly, no one cares, I learned that last time. I have a very good physiotherapist that I will go to soon. But my stomach will not fully recover, I will have to undergo surgery soon,” she mentioned.

Michella continues to be very open, and she’s still sharing her family’s extraordinary journey on her Instagram with her 300k followers.

We wish her and her family good luck in the future, and hope that their lives will be filled with love, warmth, and happiness!