After all these years, Faith Hill makes the decision to be honest.

Let’s hope Faith is doing well.

Faith Hill has been at the forefront of the country music genre since 1993 and she has succeeded in enchanting our ears with upbeat songs.

Hill is one of the most financially successful country music performers who has ever lived, having sold over 40 million record sales worldwide. She has also broadened her skill set to include music production.

Hill and her husband, country music star Tim McGraw, have managed to maintain a normal way of life while still giving their three daughters a typical home.

Recent rumors, however, have suggested that Hill may be taking medicine for throat cancer. The 49-year-old singer recently postponed a performance that was planned for August 3rd, and according to a source, her close friends are worried that they might be concealing her illness.

The management group of Faith issued the ensuing statement:

“Faith Hill has been advised by her doctor to take two days off from singing, and the Verizon Arena performance of Soul2Soul in North Little Rock, Arkansas has sadly been postponed. Tim and Faith are deeply remorseful for disappointing their followers.”

According to a close source, Tim McGraw is concerned that things could get worse. The insider also gave the following statement:

“Tim is beside herself. He and Faith are both worried that if her condition worsens, her golden voice would be permanently hushed.”

The vocal cords are impacted by throat cancer in its early stages, according to New York internist Dr. Stuart Fisher.

“Since there aren’t really any nerves in the larynx, you can’t really feel it, so that’s the only way you might be able to identify it. Faith Hill would undoubtedly visit a throat expert to get this examined.”

If it’s not cancer, she might develop throat polyps, which are a singer’s worst nightmare because they might explode. Faith must be gentle with herself.

Just a few days prior to the cancellation notification, McGraw and Hill played in Sacramento, California, and according to a number of concertgoers, she appeared to be in good health at the time. “I live for performances like this one,” one concertgoer tweeted.

The Sacramento Bee said that her supporters’ displays of love and devotion for the artist were unwavering.”

“Faith Hill still has it, good Lord. The characteristics and voice. Does she even get older?”

Faith has received five Grammy awards over the course of her career, the first three of which she received in 2000 for “Breathe,” the album she won for Best Country Album.

The song “Let’s Make Love,” which she performed with her husband, won her the Best Country Collaboration award as well as the Best Female Country Vocal Performance award.

Again with her husband, she won Best Country Collaboration with Vocals in 2005 for the song “Like We Never Loved at All.” In 2002, she won Best Female Country Vocal Performance for the second time, this time for her smash single “Cry.”

Fans of Hill are hopeful that, if it turns out she has cancer, she would recover fast and be able to return to performing on stage.