She received a call while getting married in church and immediately left without saying a word.

She received a call while getting married in church and immediately left! When the groom saw where she had gone, he forgave her for everything!  This woman did something unique and special.

After her mother shared the picture of the bride on Facebook, in which she appears to be sprinting on the street, it quickly gained popularity. Although the backstory is shocking, it has a happy ending.

The bride, Sarah Ray, is an American paramedic from Tennessee. She was shaking with emotion as she married Paul in front of the altar because it was a moment she would never forget.

Even so, she got a call that will live in everlasting memory not only for her but for everyone on the planet. The ceremony was cut short for this reason.

Near the church, her father and grandma had been in a vehicle accident. When the bride learned what had happened, she immediately fled the ceremony.

Sarah was still wearing her wedding dress and was undoubtedly grateful to God for giving her the idea to replace her high heels for ballerinas earlier. She started to sprint toward the scene.

She was relieved to see that her father and grandmother were both well, allowing them to resume the delayed ceremony.

In a later interview, she claimed that she fled the church and her own wedding to assist anybody in need since she is a paramedic and works in an ambulance, and her primary goal is something she can never forget. Even when she gets married, she’s still ready to save lives.

You are admired, Sarah! How many people would have taken the same actions?