Breathtaking image of ”Jesus” appears in the sky as the sun bursts through clouds over Italy

It’s conceivable that each of us will encounter a few things in life that we can attribute to a higher power.

Perhaps if you don’t truly believe in God, you might still think that some events are either too coincidental or even too flawless to be life developing as it would naturally. This is very similar to various symptoms and indicators that may manifest in the environment around us.

Alfredo Lo Brutto, of Agropoli, Italy, took a picture of what appears to be a ‘person’ above the water that has generated some discussion online. Some claim that the image is a perfect replica of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Alfredo said of the view, “I was enchanted by it,” to the Daily Mail. I don’t post photos to social media very frequently, but when I took this one, I immediately wanted other people to see it since it was so stunning.

The photograph, which was taken over the Tyrrhenian Sea, has sparked debate online because of the likelihood that it could be a symbol bearing some importance given how much it matches the aforementioned statue.

Naturally, there are many who will disagree and contend that the ‘figure’ is simply an accidental cloud formation that is aided by the light from the water.

It’s not the first time that a verbal battle has broken out following the publication of an image online, but it must be noted that all sides are represented fairly in this one.

In any event, it’s unquestionably a stunning image that captures the beauty of our world to perfection.

Do you think the sign could be higher powers at work? Or do you think people are making something out of nothing? Let us know in the comments box provided.

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