Pink Sunflowers

Did you know that sunflowers are not only yellow? All my life I thought this was the only color, but boy was I wrong. I recently found out that there are actually pink sunflowers and now I want them in my yard!

Pink Sunflowers

These flowers are a hybrid called Midnight Oil. The best thing is that they are actually pretty easy to grow and take care of!

Plant them in your garden, along your fence, or wherever you like.

The pink sunflowers are annual flowers, so simply collect the seeds and you can replant them every year! Once they die off, collect the seeds to replant next year, and share with your family and friends!

Can you imagine what a sight it would be to see an entire field full of pink sunflowers? That would be amazing!


You can buy pink sunflower seeds online on Etsy. WeedandSeed sells a pack of 20 seeds and costs less than $5!

Pink Sunflower
stinajss – Instagram

Here are some other pretty ones….

Pink Sunflowers
HouseOfCardsByOmen – Etsy

Who is going to grab some of these stunning flowers to plant this year? You know I am!