One of the biggest blonde bombshells in the 1970s has an unconventional approach to aging

One of the biggest blonde bombshells of the 1970s, we all adored her in the sitcom Three’s Company.

Yet, Suzanne Somers has dealt with significant health problems, loss, and unpleasant ups and downs recently.

She is real, hilarious, and encouraging, which is why I have always adored Suzanne Somers. The well-known actress, singer, novelist, businessperson, and health advocate has demonstrated her ability to think creatively and act boldly.

She began playing in game shows, movies, and sitcoms in the late 1960s and early 1970s, which is when her acting career began. Following her role in Three’s Company, one of the greatest TV sitcoms ever, where she played sassy blonde Chrissy Snow, the 76-year-old actress was propelled to celebrity.

Suzanne was a character on the show who played the traditional dumb blonde. She will always be Chrissie from Three’s company to many of us.

Sadly, her departure from the series was contentious. All of the explanations for why Suzanne Somers was forced to leave Three’s Company involve money. Some claim that her issue was wanting to be paid the same as John Ritter, the show’s “true” star.

After four seasons on the Emmy-winning TV show, Suzanne demanded a significant pay increase in late 1980. The fact that the men on the show were paid more infuriated her. The accomplished actress made the decision to stand up for what she believed in and made a demand for between $30,000 and $150,000 per episode. So what was ABC’s answer? They told her to walk.

”The show’s response was, ‘Who do you think you are?’” Somers told People. ”They said, ‘John Ritter is the star.’”

Her relationship with the Three’s Company actors soured when she left the program. For 20 years, Suzanne and John Ritter didn’t even speak to one another.

But, the actor made contact with his old co-star just before Ritter passed away in 2003, and they made up.

”I’m at the beauty salon. Haven’t talked to him for 20 years and the receptionist comes over to me and says you have a phone call … and she says, ‘It’s John Ritter,’” Suzanne told Entertainment Tonight. “He said, ‘Hey babe’ … And then he said, ‘I forgive you,’ which took a lot of maturity on my part not to say, ‘You forgive me?’ So, I say, ‘Thanks.’”

Life after Three’s Company

Suzanne appeared to have a long acting career ahead of her when appearing in Three’s Company. She was well-known and admired by the public; she was undoubtedly destined for more significant parts. Yet, the global sex icon found it difficult to remain popular after leaving the ABC blockbuster show.

It was difficult for Suzanne to regain the same level of popularity as in the late 1970s, despite her attempts to succeed on other TV series.

She is now well-known for things entirely unrelated to acting.

The native Californian is the author of four diet books, two autobiographies, and a number of self-help titles. Suzanne is a supporter of complementary medicine as well as a businesswoman.

Her objective is to age gracefully, and no one can say that she has failed in that area. Many of her books are about aging and how to stay “Sexy Forever”

Several claim that the 76-year-old strong woman still appears to be half her age. Given everything she has been through, it is truly amazing that she is in such good form.

Fighting cancer

In 2000, Suzanne was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

“When you hear those three words, ‘You have cancer’ — wow — that’s coming face to face with your mortality,” she explained “You never think that you’re not here forever.”

“I thought, how ironic — I was known on ‘Three’s Company’ as the Queen of the Jiggle,” referring to her breasts. “I believe this happened to me because I was a sex symbol — whatever that is.”

To treat her malignancy, Suzanne underwent a lumpectomy. Although she declined chemotherapy, she had radiation therapy as well. She chose to disregard the doctor’s advice and treat herself with Iscador, a fermented mistletoe extract.

Following her treatment, Suzanne made the decision to alter her eating and sleeping habits. The 76-year-old has always advocated for leading a healthy lifestyle and has acknowledged that her breast cancer diagnosis in 2000 was a wake-up call.

She now only consumes organic food and treats herself with fresh herbs.

“Today some people say to me—relative to all the supplements and vitamins I take, all the hormones I rub on daily, the green drink I have every morning, the probiotics, etc.—that it’s a lot of work. I always respond: It’s a lot more work to be sick,” she remarked.

Only eating ”clean food” has helped the star to maintain a youthful appearance, according to herself.

”I like the way I look. I like the way I feel. I like my energy. I have wisdom. I have perspective, and I can tell you that aging can be so incredible if you know how to approach it,” she mentioned.

Suzanne Somers will celebrate her 77th birthday on October 16. She accomplished it in her birthday suit in 2019 in a way that many of us can only imagine.

In the happy picture, Suzanne could be seen squatting in a Californian flower and grass field. Many people praised the former Three’s Company actress for being so transparent on Instagram, but others criticized her for acting in “poor taste” and claiming that she was “too old” to be acting in this way.

“Suzanne I hate to say this but I don’t think that picture is Tastefully done it looks gross,”a person wrote.

“Jealous?? Hardly!! I’m an extremely open minded woman but this photo is lacking class,” another person wrote on Instagram.

“Suzanne just doesn’t look good anymore to flaunt herself in her old bday suit. Sorry Suzi but you’re too old for this. Show some class (if you can find it) and put on a tshirt & jeans and then you will look hot.”

The amount of love and support she got on her 73rd birthday, despite the fact that some might find it controversial, stated otherwise. Several supporters used the chance to wish her a happy birthday. Several others commended her for posting a nude photo of herself on social media.

“I must say that the smile on your face says it all. If the things you do in your life make you show us all that beautiful smile then you go for it. You are gorgeous and I don’t think you should hide anything if it makes you happy. You spread joy to all the true fans that Love you and to be honest, if someone can’t handle you being you then they can just move along,” one fan wrote.

Suzanne exudes kindness, modesty, and a joyous desire to be truthful about her approaches to health.

It’s wonderful that she has aided so many others via her openness and her books; many ladies prefer to keep their aging secrets to themselves. Many thanks to Suzanne for providing so many wonderful memories on the screen and for inspiring me. You are a fantastic human being and a true legend!