Man mocked for being with 252 lb woman, has the perfect response to shut haters up

We frequently expose our lives to criticism when we post details about them online. People criticized this young pair for their relationship despite the fact that they only like exchanging photos with one another.

They had a fantastic answer to the criticism, which serves as a harsh reminder of the value of being firmly committed to your convictions.

The tale of Matt and Brittany Montgomery is a well-known but yet wonderful one. After meeting, falling in love, and beginning a life together, the pair.

Even though it seems like a typical circumstance, the couple’s experience is special because of their size disparity. Brittany has struggled with acceptance for her entire life. She did not have the best relationship with her parents, who were frequently domineering and left her feeling worn out after her dealings with them.

She became less confident in her body and in herself as a result of all of this. She frequently encountered two types of men because she was plus-sized: those who either wanted her to lose weight or those who fetishized her curves. She wanted to stop dating completely and cut herself off from the prospect of finding love as a result of these unpleasant experiences.

However, destiny had other plans for her! She met Matt Montgomery on Facebook in August of 2020. Although they were very different in terms of physical appearance, they were united in a way that had never been seen before by their souls!

Brittany recalled, “I was a bit hesitant at first. I’ve been in relationships where guys have told me that they will dump me if I don’t start dieting or trying to lose weight. It did affect my self-confidence, and at one point, I did start working out and trying to change my size.”

However, they were firmly in love and confident in one another. On January 30, 2022, Matt got down on one knee, and they started making plans for their future together.

While they fully accept one another, they shared how the world judges their relationship. Matt shared, “People comment on Instagram and suggest that I’m not big enough or man enough for her.” He added, “I do notice people staring when we walk down the street…”

The pair has nothing but love for one another, despite all of the criticism they face about their union from those who cannot comprehend their intense connection.

Matt has a history of having unpleasant encounters with ladies of typical size. Matt first realized Brittany was his true soul match because of the way she makes him feel. He values her happiness and accepts her as she is. He doesn’t hold back when thanking her in public. In a post dedicated to her, he said, “You are worthy, you are deserving of infinite love every single day and more. The way I look at you and feel for you and the way you look and feel for me is how I know that we are meant to be.”

His caption implies that he loves his wife and that their relationship transcends just physical attraction to those who are rudely commenting on images of the couple. What a powerful retort to the critics!

The couple wants to remove the stigma behind ‘mixed-weight’ relationships. “I wish mixed-weight relationships were more common and more in the norm,” she said.

Lakelyn, the young couple’s first child, was born in March 2022, and only last month they revealed they would be parents to another child in September 2023. They have our best wishes!