Woman finally figures out what is attached to her dog.

Throughout the world today there are countless people who not only should not be let own a pet but should never be let near any animal.

Hayden Howard discovered something was seriously wrong with her pet dog in early Spring. She noticed her English Mastiff Jackson was covered in what seemed like insect bites all over his body. The pet dog had been playing in the back garden earlier that day.

When Hayden called him in she made the startling discovery which had her dumbfounded. Upon closer inspection she came to the realization her pets injuries may be a whole lot worse than she had initially thought.

Poor Jackson was in fact riddled in bullet holes to many areas of his body. ”I was completely shocked, I didn’t know what to think,” Hayden said.

After realizing her beloved pet had suffered such serious wounds, Hayden immediately rushed him to the neared vet. The vet examined Jackson, finding numerous tiny bullet holes that had been caused by someone shooting at him with a BB gun. “There was one stuck under his eyelid, one in his ear, one in his knee, they were everywhere,” Hayden says.

Jackson had been hit in so many places over his body that the vet had to shave off most of his fur to try and remove the plastic pellets. After painstakingly removing 27 pellets from Jackson, 20 still remained inside the pets flesh and had to be left where they were.

He had also been shot in 20 other places where the bullets did not lodge. Bringing to total a shocking statistic of over 70 times the poor pooch was shot at. How can someone be so evil to do this to a poor animal who has done no harm to anyone? They were informed of the incident and were hot on the heels of the suspect who lives nearby. It did not take them long to apprehend the suspect after finding a gun and bullets hidden in a neighbors home. The neighbor in question had previous convictions relating to drug offences.

Hopefully he Jackson gets his justice and this evil human being is locked up for what he done to this poor defenseless animal. A person like this should never be allowed near an animal again after the cruelty he served out to poor Jackson. Thankfully, reports are that Jackson is recovering well after his ordeal, according to his loving owner Hayden.

Watch the video below to find out more about Jackson’s ordeal:

We really hope poor little Jackson make a full recovery and hopefully is not scarred by this cruel act.What do you think should be punishment for evil people who mistreat animals like this? Leave your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook. SHARE this article if you think all animal abusers should be locked up for their crimes!