Waitress Slips A Note To Woman’s Husband When She Leaves The Table

For the first time in months, Jackie was finally able to go out for dinner with her husband. Although it wasn’t exactly the perfect date just like they used to have years ago, it was a much-needed break for both of them. Thinking she’d have some peace and quiet at the restaurant, Jackie soon realized it had all been a mistake. As the waitress left their table, Jackie spotted her husband smiling at the woman. He was looking at a note and Jackie felt the blood rising. What was the waitress thinking when she did that? Jackie got back from the restroom and sat down, confused and feeling betrayed. Nothing could have prepared her for what happened next…

As the friendly waitress smiled at the two and took the order, Jackie had no idea what would happen an hour later. Minutes passed and after the pizza arrived, Jackie noticed the baby was fussing. She opened the bag and started looking for the bottle when realization hit her…

Jackie’s baby wanted what everyone just had – food! And if the bottle was not there, then the best solution was to drink straight from the source. Looking around her and seeing everyone glance at their table, Jackie took the baby in her arms and started breastfeeding him at the table.

A man sitting across the room from her who was boasting to his friend about how much money he made and gloating about how he was a millionaire stood up and left after he saw her feeding the baby and muttered under his breath ” Ugh this is disgusting, and I can’t finish my meal ” Jackie felt very embarrassed, but things were about to get better.

After nursing the baby, Jackie went to the restroom while Tom asked for the bill. What was odd was when the waitress returned with the bill on which she left a note. Jackie wasn’t around when that happened, so imagine her reaction when she saw her husband turned around towards the waitress and smiling at her!

As she read the note, she smiled and looked at him. Tom took her hand and smiled back, with a reassuring nod. Jackie couldn’t believe what she was reading! All she could do was look up and see if the waitress was around. There she was at the bar, was looking towards their table. Jackie smiled and mouthed a “Thank you!” Here’s what the note read.

“I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding!” wrote the note handed by the waitress who was amazed by Jackie’s bravery in public and wanted to encourage this behavior and support moms like Jackie.

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