88-year-old crossing guard killed by speeding car after saving two students

an you imagine the lengths a person goes to when they risk their own life for the sake of another person. Bob Nill, was that kind of generous warm hearted caring guy.

The eighty eight year old used to work in banking and also served in the Coast Guard. When he retired five years ago he wanted to keep himself occupied so he got a job as a crossing guard at the Christ the King Parish School in Kansas City, Kansas.

All the students who all called him Mr. Bob.

Sadly, this incredibly loving man lost his life after he saved two children from being hit by a speeding black sedan. Witnesses at the scene explain how he prevented the children from being in the way of the car but ended up being hit himself.

The school principal Cathy Fithlan said “He stopped [two kids], and they listened, thank God, but then he, of course, was the victim.”

Everyone consider Bob to be an extraordinary man. Randy, his nephew explains how the family weren’t surprised by Bob’s act, because he always cared for everyone.

“What my Uncle Bob did for just getting little kids across the street seemed probably trivial to some people, but for him, it was a really important job, and now, we really know how important it was. He maybe saved some lives.”

“This was something I think he felt like he could help children and help himself feel good about what he was doing,” Randy added.

The school paid tribute to Bob in a statement they released, claiming he died as a hero.

“We would like to give you an update on our crossing guard, Mr. Nill. Our hearts are heavy as we inform you of his passing. Please continue to keep Mr. Nill and his family in your prayers as well as the students, parents, and teachers who witnessed today’s accident.

“Also know that Mr. Nill is a hero. He stopped two of our students from crossing the road as the car approached.”

Rest in peace.

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