The Reason Why the Trash Bag on the Road Was Moving Shocked the Driver

While Malissa was on her way to work last week, Sergent Lewis had no idea she would save a life which is actually what she did.

Lewis, who works at an elementary school in Kentucky, opted to take a detour along a back road on Thursday morning since she was running a little late.

Even though she was rushing, Lewis noticed something startlingly unusual there on that calm country roadway.

“Did I just see that trash bag move, I wondered when I saw it lying in the middle of the road? I approached closer and saw that it was moving, “ she mentions.

“I had a hard time processing that. I immediately felt there was something alive in that sack and I wanted to get it out.”

Lewis’ cell phone video shows the caged animal stumbling in her direction as her car approaches.

Lewis approached the sack cautiously since he wasn’t sure if there was a deadly animal inside. However, she remained an assistance.

I cautiously tore apart a corner and carefully peeked inside the bag because it was tied off in a knot, she added.

“A puppy, that is. He was certainly happy to see me. He began wagging his tail as soon as I opened it and let light in. He was aware that everything was OK. I found it hard to believe.”

Although the puppy had a collar, there was no tag on it to indicate where he had come from, so Lewis made the decision to take him with her. (After all, she was still running behind schedule.)

She remarked, “I just put him in my lap and drove to school.” “I took him in because I couldn’t just leave him in the car. You have a dog, the principal said when she saw me. It’s a long story, I said.”

Lewis asked her son to pick up the dog and bring him inside their house for protection. After that unthinkable act of cruelty, they later took him to the doctor to make sure he was really okay.

She said, “We got him his vaccinations. He appears content and in good health.

It is unknown if the puppy was abandoned by his owner or if someone else may have stolen it and dumped it there.

Authorities are looking into the case, according to Lewis, but she is confident that someone did it on purpose and that the man would have most likely perished if she hadn’t been fortunate enough to see him in time.

“Who could subject any animal to such treatment? Regardless of who you are, everyone adores puppies “She spoke.

“To throw an animal, regardless of species, in a rubbish bag and leave it by the side of the road is just heartless. They did that with extremely ill intentions.”

Fortunately, the puppy was able to find the right person to support him not just during that difficult period, but for the rest of his life.

Lewis and her family have already formed a bond with the small puppy she spared, even though it has only been a few days.

Even his name, Hefty, hints at the circumstances surrounding his accidental discovery.

Now, things are improving for him.

Lewis and her family have made the decision to provide Hefty with a permanent home as there is a significant likelihood that no one will ever come forward to claim him.

Lewis added, “The puppy is loved by all.” “With us, he will be cherished and live in a happy environment.

I’m just grateful that I was there to save him at the appropriate time and place. It was exactly that.”